Musical Directors

Co-Directors Andria Coward and Susan Marriott

Sue Marriott and Andrea Coward

Andria Coward:
Andria joined GKC in 2006 and quickly fell in love with barbershop harmony, both in a chorus and a
quartet setting. Over the years, she has performed in the front row, and has been part of the creative
team for the Harmony Classic competition. She became a member of the music team in 2014 and took
on the role of baritone section specialist in 2016. In the summer of 2018, she stepped into the co-
director’s position, which has been both challenging and rewarding over the past few years. Andria
loves the amount of learning and teaching that this role has been providing and looks forward to
continuing as a co-director in the years to come. She is extremely proud to be a part of such a talented,
passionate, and caring group of women

Sue Marriott:
Performance is a passion, a career and a hobby for the Greater Kingston Chorus' Co-
Director, Sue Marriott. This secondary school Drama & English teacher believes in the
positive impact that the arts can have in a person's life, and loves to share her knowledge
and enthusiasm for performance with people of all ages!
Since the life-changing moment of joining GKC in 2000, Sue has been an energetic
performer in the Chorus, as well as a Section Leader, Choreographer, Technical &
Staging Director for chorus shows, Assistant Director, and finally, Co-Director!
Sue is a two-time Novice Quartet Award winner, GKC’s 2006 Sweet Adeline of the
Year, and the 2014 recipient of the Sweet Adelines’ Region 16 Assistant Director Award!
Most recently, she is so proud and honoured to share the 2019 Sweet Adelines’ Region
16 Novice Director Award with her Co-Director, Andria Coward!!
Sue also brings a wealth of performance knowledge and experience from her work as
a Drama teacher and from her experience in more than 80 different theatrical productions
as a Director, Producer, Actor, Designer, and Stage Manager.
As one of GKC’s Co-Directors, Sue believes in the potential of every individual…
every person has a song and a story within them that wants to be shared, and Sue strives
to help all chorus members on their journey to unleash the confident, passionate
singer/performer that lies within!
This lifelong learner and a cappella enthusiast is so grateful to her family and her
GKC family for all of the love and support they have given her throughout her journey
with this incredible chorus!
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